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There are several species of ants which can be found in gardens. They are more of a nuisance than a pest and can often be found collecting the honeydew secreted by aphids and other sap feeding pests that are attacking garden plants.


The most common aphids are greenfly and blackfly but there are several other species commonly causing plant problems.

Bacterial Canker on Cherries and Plums

Very common and widespread on trees in the Prunus genus including ornamental and edible cherries and plums. The main symptoms are gum-weeping lesions that appear on the branches or stems of the trees.


Most commonly found on roses this fungal disease shows itself at first as tiny yellow spots on the leaves which grow and develop into larger yellow and dark brown spots which can often cover the whole leaf.

Blight on potatoes and tomatoes

Our guide to this notorious problem

A widespread problem which is worse in mild, wet seasons. Damage to the foliage can extend to spoil the crops on both tomato and potato plants.

Box Tree Moth Caterpillars

A species of pest from Asia that is currently recieving a large amount of attention in the media.

Canker on Apple & Pear Trees

A very common and widespread fungal disease with symptoms beginning to show as lesions in the bark. Serious cankers can cause the death of a tree.


These are the larval stage of a butterfly or moth’s lifecycle. Would you know which butterfly or moth larvae you are dealing with?

Chafer Grubs

Although less of a problem that Leather Jackets this flat, curved larvae of the European chafer beetle will gnaw at the roots of lawn grasses during late spring until the first frosts.

Cherry Shot Hole

The symptoms are brown spots on the leaves that die and drop out leaving multiple holes and the oozing of gum from the bark.